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Say hello to our forums!

Monday, December 29th, 2008

Finally We have published forums guys. Just want to say thanks for all your votes and remark this:

The only purpose for which we have created forums it’s to let our visitors help each other in addition to our tutorials. We want to become a great reference of web development for all.

Sharing the knowledge is the spirit guys!

So guys feel free to visit our forums to learn more about some specific areas of web development, to post suggestions and ideas about yensdesign, to search / announce jobs, to show us your projects… and more.
Remember that You can access to our forums via top menu or using the full URL.

We are using Simple Machines and an own modification of Popular FX.

Let’s help each other guys ;)

Do you want to see forums in

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

Hi there guys! We are wondering the possibility of create forums in as a new section to try to help people with questions about web design and coding instead of answer only questions about our tutorials and to post suggestions about new kind of tutorials.

We received some feedback via our twitter. Some people say that It would be awesome to find solutions to their problems but other people said that It will be a bad idea for us, because it will decrease the number of comments in our entries…

So guys, We need more feedback about this idea so please respond the poll below here!

Thanks for your time and please post your opinion in addition of respond the poll!