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Fast Tip: Create your personal blog to promote your self

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

Hi there guys! With this entry I will try to create a new category for yensdesign called “Fast Tips“. It is about my personal thoughts and experiencies from last years that I hope it will be useful on your projects.

Last 2 years I spent my time thinking about how to get freelance work around the internet without results. Only a few projects came to me and it isn’t enough for a guy that expected live with freelance work, you know. It was really very frustrating, I wanted to work hard for freelance works but nothing happened.

Maybe I was not good enough? I don’t think so, I always trusted in hard work and in my own qualities but when things aren’t as one expects, everything looks like a sh*t and your desire to work hard and you ideas disappear. But you guys should not stop your desire to work to achieve you personal goals.

Here you have my solution: Create you personal blog is the best way to promote yourself.

Creating you personal blog allows you to show to all you works and skills in your field. Would you hire someone without seen his work before or not knowing nothing about him? I don’t think so, so just letting people know more about you and your work is the best way to get clients in freelance work.

I tell you that because now that I am trying to write my personal blog over here at, people is asking me about freelance work because they enjoyed some tutorials that I have written. It’s really funny that now that I am not looking for freelance work (because I am trying to create my personal project) it appears for me and not when I was looking for :D .

I was wrong, but you guys are in time to create you own blog to promote yourself showing to all how you are and your skills. Just do it!