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Do you want to write for yensdesign?

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

Hi there guys! As I told you, me (Adrian) and Ivan don’t have so much time to post more tutorials in yensdesign at this time, so we are searching for people that want to write tutorials in yensdesign and promote himself showing his stuff.

What do you need to write tutorials in yensdesign?

All of you can write in yensdesign just read that:

  • Write clear and new tutorials divided in steps (like ours)
  • Write in english (you will do it better than use for sure lol!)
  • Write tutorials that aren’t published in anywhere
  • Tutorials about web design and coding (css, html, javascript, php, mysql, layouts in psd… etc)

What do you get in return?

All posts will have a little presentation attached about the author to let (a lot of!) readers know more about you and (of course) the satisfaction on helping others to learn more about web design and coding :)

So just e-mail me or post a comment please!