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Say hello to the new!

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

Yes guys! has been redesigned one more time, but this time a bigger redesign :)

A few weeks ago I told you that we are going to publish more frequently and we showed you a little redesign, but times change and one more time we are adapting the website to our new purpose: make bigger, publishing more content.

What’s that? was designed as a personal website / portfolio for me – Adrián Mato Gondelle – but in last entries, my friend Ivan Guardado Castro contributed actively. So we want to tell you that we are going to make a bigger website with lots of tutorials and tips and other resources about coding and web design.

So guys, say hello to the new theme, I hope you enjoy this new theme and that you can find it useful and better than the old version.

Here you have the redesign process:

Redesign process

We will add some fixes daily to the new design, but only little improvements. What do you think about the new redesign?

See you soon on our next tutorial!

Fast Tip: Create your personal blog to promote your self

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

Hi there guys! With this entry I will try to create a new category for yensdesign called “Fast Tips“. It is about my personal thoughts and experiencies from last years that I hope it will be useful on your projects.

Last 2 years I spent my time thinking about how to get freelance work around the internet without results. Only a few projects came to me and it isn’t enough for a guy that expected live with freelance work, you know. It was really very frustrating, I wanted to work hard for freelance works but nothing happened.

Maybe I was not good enough? I don’t think so, I always trusted in hard work and in my own qualities but when things aren’t as one expects, everything looks like a sh*t and your desire to work hard and you ideas disappear. But you guys should not stop your desire to work to achieve you personal goals.

Here you have my solution: Create you personal blog is the best way to promote yourself.

Creating you personal blog allows you to show to all you works and skills in your field. Would you hire someone without seen his work before or not knowing nothing about him? I don’t think so, so just letting people know more about you and your work is the best way to get clients in freelance work.

I tell you that because now that I am trying to write my personal blog over here at, people is asking me about freelance work because they enjoyed some tutorials that I have written. It’s really funny that now that I am not looking for freelance work (because I am trying to create my personal project) it appears for me and not when I was looking for :D .

I was wrong, but you guys are in time to create you own blog to promote yourself showing to all how you are and your skills. Just do it!

Redesign & a new site launched!

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

Hi folks! long time ago from last tutorial, eh? Sorry for that but I spent last days working hard on a new online jukebox (for people who love music you know :P ) and it was released 2 days ago! I will try to post another tutorial today/tomorrow about the Gmail’s loading bar. It will be really really interesting and awasome :D .

In the other hand we got a little redesign to the website. I was thinking about the usability of the blog, and it’s necessary a 2 columns based layout to display more information… As you can see I have activated a BuySellAds account, displayed the search bar and listed the categories of the blog. Few improvements, but neccesary.

Note: Some people tell me that website didn’t display correctly, so press CONTROL+F5 and it will be fixed ;)

Do you want to try

As I said, I was working hard on a new site called, it allows you to listen free music in everywhere, everytime…

So if you want to try, just post a comment (fill the e-mail field with your real e-mail if you want it!) and I will send you an invitation as fast as possible.

Unlike other websites, allows you to create multiple playlists, different player options, search all kind of songs… and in the future it will be sharing playlists and more ;)

So just comment if you want an invitation! And as always, tell me if something it’s wrong.

See you soon!

Ready. Set. Go!

Friday, September 12th, 2008

Hi folks! I finished the template for wordpress finally. I was thinking start up this blog 3 or 4 months ago but projects and my dark side push down it… Anyway, now the initial part is done and I will try to post some own interesting tutorials about databases, Javascript / AJAX, webdesign, PHP and much more.

But this is a blog, a personal blog, so I will try to comment some experiences about my own projects too and (a little less) about my life.

And as maybe you noticed, I suck at english, but I will do my best to write in english ^_^

See you soon guys!

Testing plugin…
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