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Launching a new project…!

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Ey guys! Maybe you remember the last post about the Ontuts theme… so I am just want to let you know that We are launching a new blog tutorials called Web.Ontuts focused in spanish web tutorials.

Here you have a little description (in spanish):

Después de varios meses de planificación nos hemos decidido a lanzar Web.Ontuts, una web enfocada al desarrollo y diseño de páginas web de calidad. Existe mucha información a cerca de estos temas, pero en su mayoría está publicada en inglés. Queremos demostrar que también se puede generar contenido técnico de calidad en español.

Estamos realmente contentos de poder anunciar, lanzar y estrenar por fin web.Ontuts. Esperamos que toda la información que publicaremos os sea de gran ayuda para vuestros proyectos y os invitamos a que conozcáis más sobre los temas que trataremos en próximas publicaciones…

You can read the entire post presentation over here.

Thanks for all and see you soon guys!

Ontuts: New Theme Released!

Monday, August 17th, 2009

Ey guys! I have finished a new theme released in Themeforest, it’s named “Ontuts” and it was designed for those who need a smooth and elegant template.

As you can see, it is made with the intention of use it for website tutorials like psdtuts, nettuts and so on… and other kind of “community” blogs. I hope you like it, here you have a working preview.

So waiting for your comments and I hope you like it!

Do you want to write for yensdesign?

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

Hi there guys! As I told you, me (Adrian) and Ivan don’t have so much time to post more tutorials in yensdesign at this time, so we are searching for people that want to write tutorials in yensdesign and promote himself showing his stuff.

What do you need to write tutorials in yensdesign?

All of you can write in yensdesign just read that:

  • Write clear and new tutorials divided in steps (like ours)
  • Write in english (you will do it better than use for sure lol!)
  • Write tutorials that aren’t published in anywhere
  • Tutorials about web design and coding (css, html, javascript, php, mysql, layouts in psd… etc)

What do you get in return?

All posts will have a little presentation attached about the author to let (a lot of!) readers know more about you and (of course) the satisfaction on helping others to learn more about web design and coding :)

So just e-mail me or post a comment please!

Internet Explorer 8 gets a 20/100 on the Acid Test 3

Friday, March 20th, 2009

As some of you may know, there is a new Internet Explorer 8 released 1 day ago. I didn’t test the beta version and didn’t download yet the new one (maybe when “Multiples Explorers” program add the IE8). But taking a look at some of the advantages? new features? of the 8 version makes me sad, very sad.

(more…) needs your support!

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Hi there guys! First of all let me say you what’s Erasmusu:

Erasmusu is a social network created for exchange students with international mobility programs (all countries), such as ERASMUS, ISEP, Leonardo, Faro, Argo, Seneca, Swallow, etc…

It’s the next big project of Cokidoo (our startup) and we are competing for a big money prize (about 100.000 €) in the BBVA Open Talent competition.

How can you help us?

Just Use this widget to vote us by clicking in Vote/Votar:

Some of you asked us how to say thank us for all tutorial and here you have the answer! We will be very very happy if the big community of yensdesign can help us to grow up in our projects :)

Want an invitation for Erasmusu?

We are setting up all to release Erasmusu about this week so if you want an invitation you can equest your invitation by filling this simple form.

Join to Erasmusu Facebook Group and Twitter!

Got a Facebook account? Sign up in our Facebook group and share it with your friends!

And yes! We got Twitter too! You can follow the development process and thoughts of our project via Twitter, just follow us!

Thank you so much one more time!

Just say you thank you one more time for your support and we hope to publish more tutorials very soon. But at this moment we are really focused in Erasmusu We hope you can understand it!

We are back again!

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

Hi there guys we are back again! As some of you may know me (Adrián Mato) and my mate Iván Guardado working were very busy on a new incoming social network focused in exchange students.

It’s called erasmusu and it will be the main project of our new startup Cokidoo. We are still working hard but now can take a time to write more articles here on yensdesign.

Just want to say THANK YOU guys for your support, for following us on twitter and for all your trackbacks to our articles. It’s amazing to see how we still having a lot of unique visitors each day after a month without posts :)

So thank you guys one more time for your understanding and still tunned to yensdesign!

Oh! By the way… special thanks to android24 who has helped me to check the english translation of erasmusu. I cann’t believe how people help to others without expecting a reward ;)

January 2009 Stats

Sunday, February 1st, 2009

Hi guys! Just want to say you thanks for all and share with you our last month stats.

It was a month of records, we have grown a 97%, I cann’t believe it. Here you have some numbers:

  • 65.500 unique visitors
  • 105.500 page views
  • 330 feedburner readers

We have visitors from all kind of locations and 3 new advertisers: Projectthingy, Retireat21 and Gimmestock.

So guys THANK YOU FOR ALL! We will still rocking with more tutorials and freebies :D

PD: Tomorrow we will be publishing a great interview for those javascript and jQuery lovers.

Speeding Up Your Website: Minimize HTTP Requests

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

Hi there guys! In yensdesign, we are continuously talking and publishing tutorials, tips, tricks and cool effects to improve the user’s experience by making our websites more friendlies and accesibles.

But there is a very important thing that you must not forget and which is the main cause by which users leave the site : LOADING SPEED.

We are going to review some important concepts about website’s performance and explain best practises to speed up your websites to reduce the loading time. Your server and your users will be happier at the end of these articles :)

Actually we have published these articles:

So let’s dive into the first part of these series: Minimize HTTP Requests.


jQuery 1.3: New release and happy birthday!

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

Last January 14th 2009 was the birthday of our lovely jQuery javascript library, Happy Birthday! Since January 14th 2006 jQuery team were improving more and more the library and yesterday they have released a new version: jQuery 1.3. And as you may suppose it comes with new great features:

  • Sizzle: A sizzlin’ hot CSS selector engine.
  • Live Events: Event delegation with a jQuery twist.
  • jQuery Event Overhaul: Completely rewired to simplify event handling.
  • HTML Injection Rewrite: Lightning-fast HTML appending.
  • Offset Rewrite: Super-quick position calculation.

So guys, let’s jump into new features, taking a look to some tests performance to see what’s going on with this 1.3 jQuery version and his performance.


Tell Us… What do you want?

Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

With the begining of the new year, is the best time to hear your opinions and suggestions about what you would like to see in yensdesign. If you are wanting to see a tutorial about a particular topic, having ideas of new kind of articles, thinking about more freebies… or other kind of suggestions, you can share your ideas with us in a few ways:

It’s very important for us to know your interests, so please comment your ideas and suggestions. We want to improve the quality of the content in yensdesign this year!