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We are back again!

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

Hi there guys we are back again! As some of you may know me (Adrián Mato) and my mate Iván Guardado working were very busy on a new incoming social network focused in exchange students.

It’s called erasmusu and it will be the main project of our new startup Cokidoo. We are still working hard but now can take a time to write more articles here on yensdesign.

Just want to say THANK YOU guys for your support, for following us on twitter and for all your trackbacks to our articles. It’s amazing to see how we still having a lot of unique visitors each day after a month without posts :)

So thank you guys one more time for your understanding and still tunned to yensdesign!

Oh! By the way… special thanks to android24 who has helped me to check the english translation of erasmusu. I cann’t believe how people help to others without expecting a reward ;)