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Playing and Controlling MP3 songs and FLV videos with javascript

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

Hi there guys! If you remember we have published a tutorial about How to create a music player interface in jQuery some weeks ago. Some of you have sent me e-mails, posted comments in the tutorial and in our forums asking about how to implement “the music” to the music player interface. And now I am here to show you the basics to acomplish it.

We are going to learn how to Load, Play and Control our MP3 songs and FLV videos to share them with our visitors in our websites by using javascript (some jQuery) and the flash player JW Player.

As always, you can try the living example over here.

Tested in: Firefox, Internet Explorer 6 & 7, Opera, Safari & Chrome.

Come on with me guys!


Create an amazing music player using mouse gestures & hotkeys in jQuery

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

What’s up guys? Today I am very proud to announce a BIG & INTERESTING tutorial focused on improve the user’s interaction in your web applications.

We will create an amazing music player coded in xHTML & jQuery that made use of mouse gestures and hotkeys. You can Click & Drag with mouse to interact with interface’s music player or use directional keys & spacebar instead of mouse.

Because I told you that it’s a big tutorial, this time I will show you a live working example in this video:

But as always, you can test the real demo over here ;)

Tested in: Firefox, Internet Explorer 6 & 7, Opera, Safari & Chrome.

So guys, come with me and jump into the tutorial :)